Meet Your Docent Council Candidates – and VOTE NOW!

Hello, Fellow Docents.

The time has come to begin the election for the 2020 Docent Council. The election is electronic. You can vote starting today. You will be able to vote electronically until the end of All Docent Day, November 2, 2019.

Please read the candidates’ biographical statements and view the candidates’ videos by clicking on their names. Then exercise your franchise as a docent and vote! See below for the link to the ballot.

Please note that docents from the Class of 2019 are not yet eligible to vote in a regular Docent Council election. Next year!

Details on election procedures can be found in the Docent Handbook under “Governance.”

Thank you, everyone.
The Docent Council Election Committee

Jill Carlson, Class of 2013

Being a docent was on my bucket list for years and has been a fantastic delight of my retirement from teaching.

I am certified for 8 tours: Historic Skyscrapers, Chicago Modern, Art Deco Riverfront/LaSalle St., Chicago Icons, Historic Treasures, Discover Chicago’s Historic Neighborhoods, Holiday Lights. I give 50+ tours a year.

I serve on the Education, Library, and DAN committees (co-chair in 2018). I was an interviewer, sponsor, and certifier for 2019. I am on the committee planning our November 2 Docent Day. I have been an OHC Docent Interpreter and Coordinator of Docent Interpreters. I am a new member of DPRP.

I have also served on several Taskforces: Docent Mission Statement, Long Range Strategic Planning, and, recently, New Weather Policy. I am presently on the Policies and Procedures Taskforce. I received a Service Award in 2015.

I am running for reelection on a record of hard work and commitment, to continue my service to the docent community.

Emily Clott, Class of 2012

Being a docent is a labor of love for me, thus I am running for a third and final term on Docent Council. Together, we’ve weathered the initial trauma of moving and re-branding as the Chicago Architecture Center. The hard work continues as we strive to understand the role of docents in the new CAC universe, and try to develop a sense that 111 is truly home.

In this, my 7th year as a docent, I have given 61 tours to date. They are: River Cruise, Walk Through Time (English and French), Chicago Pedway, Neighborhoods by Bus, River Walk Talks.

I serve on the Communications Committee writing for the Bridge; on the Education Committee, interviewing candidates, and serving as sponsor and certifier; and on the Docent Peer Review Program committee.

I ask for the privilege of your vote that I might continue to represent you on Docent Council. Emily Clott, Docent Class of 2012

Lance Friedmann, Class of 2015

Docenting and CAC have become a cornerstone of my life since I joined “the corps” in 2015. I love what CAC stands for, and being a part of our vibrant docent community.

My tour-giving focuses on Walk Through Time and the River Cruise; I am co-Tour Director of the latter. I also support docents as a member of the Marketing and Education Committees, and Docent Council.

I’ve served on several task forces which – I hope – have made a positive impact on docent life: Tour Roster Task Force, Project Fresh, Move Task Force, 2019 Docent Day.

This year I’ve been gratified by docent response to “Engaging Your Audience 2.0: Storytelling”, a class I co-developed with six other docents. Over 50 docents took the course and gave it great ratings.

If I have the opportunity to serve again on Docent Council, my focus will be to keep guests at the center of everything we do, and to help docents find new ways to support the expanded activities of CAC.

Carol Garner, Class of 2016

I am on pace to give 125 tours in 2019. I am certified in seven tours: River Cruise, Magnificent Architecture on the Magnificent Mile, Elevated Architecture, Must See Chicago, Holiday Lights-City Lights, Chicago’s Historic Neighborhoods by Bus, and Walk Through Time. I’ve served as an OHC Interpreter.

I recently served on an ad-hoc Education sub-committee to explore the use of technology in docent training, and I have been a coach, certifier, and sponsor for the past 3 years.

I have worked in the corporate learning and development field for 25 years, focusing on change management, technology implementation, and strategic performance improvement project management. I am also fond of the Oxford comma.

I ask for your vote to become a member of Docent Council to actively and enthusiastically contribute at another level. If elected, I will work tirelessly to represent you as CAC moves forward.

Judith Kaufman, Class of 2010

I’ve enjoyed 10 years of tours and CAC activities, particularly the opportunity to work with others who share my interests.

I’ve averaged more than 70 tours a year; and am one of the most prolific touring ‘river rats’. I currently serve as co-tour director for Rookery and 875 N Michigan (formerly John Hancock), lead MAMM tours, and the recently expanded Lake Shore East tours. I developed tours of Willis Tower and John Hancock. It makes for a “wonderful life!”

I feel an obligation to ‘give back’. Each year I sponsor and certify a member of the new docent class as well as a new River docent. I’ve been on Docent Council for two terms and serve as Council secretary. I am currently on the Education Committee and chair All Docent Day. The “times they are a changin’” – please permit me to apply my experience as we move forward.

Kathy Krepps, Class of 2017

In the docent training program, I discovered both design and docents matter. Today, after certifying for four tours, that belief is stronger than ever.

I am running for Docent Council because I value the integrity and professionalism that define the docent program. I want to ensure it continues to work for others as well as it does for me.

I am certified for Chicago Modern, Historic Skyscrapers, Frank Lloyd Wright and Magnificent Architecture of the Magnificent Mile, I have given 37 tours, and will, for the third time, act as a tour interpreter for OHC. I have been a certifier and coach, and was recently named Tour Director for Chicago Modern.

My background qualifications include: Educator with roles from high school librarian to elementary teacher. Grant developer who raised funds for nonprofits. Community advocate who acted as a trustee for my local library among other board commitments.

During the transition from CAF to CAC I was continually impressed by how much docents care about what they do. If elected to the Docent Council, I will work hard to advocate for the docent matters that make our work accurate, collegial and fun

Constance Rajala, Class of 2008

This is my electoral “last hurrah,” as the mandatory 3-year presidential term limit kicks in. I am running for Docent-at-Large – partly as tradition for retiring presidents and also because I want to be a resource for your next DC president.

While serving on DC, I have continued to give around 80 tours per year and to act as part of the Tour Director leadership for the River Cruise.

Things have been hectic these past 3 years – a lot more involved than leading parades or cutting ribbons. But I have enjoyed every minute of it. It has been a pleasure and an honor to serve you and CAC.

Collegially, Constance

John Schneider, Class of 2017

I love Chicago’s architecture and sharing this passion with our guests – it’s fun! I imagine this is why you became a docent too.

You – the docents and volunteers – are the reason the Chicago Architecture Center is such a special organization.

I have been an Exhibit Host since 2016 and joined the Docent ranks in 2017. I give three walking tours, Historic Skyscrapers, Chicago Icons and Chicago Modern, and now the River Cruise. I am a certifier for Chicago Icons. I am on the Marketing Committee and help write and edit articles for our magazine and website. I will complete over 100 volunteer shifts by the end of this year, so I average about 30 per year.

Though I’m relatively new, you can count on me to work to make sure CAC remains the place that you want to spend your volunteer time and energy.

I’d be honored to represent you!