Davis Imperial Social Media Campaign


Holly and Hallak Cleaners use a variety of approaches to their social media posts.

Holly ranges from promotional ads, news about new equipment, simple holiday greetings, and targeted selling points.


Hallak Cleaners is similar, but the focus seems to be more on fashion, with many shared posts of articles from online publications or news stories. They also occasionally have a few simple, playful ads.

Categories For Davis Imperal

There are a number of topics/areas from which to pull and post content.  Here’s a list of Davis Imperial specific topics, and some outside sources from which to share content.

Davis Imperial Specific

Category Specialists

  • Evening Wear/Certified Couture Cleaners
  • Wedding Gowns
  • Drapery
  • Linens
  • Fur, Leather, and Suede


  • Pickup And Delivery
  • FabricareByMail
  • Vintage Restoration
  • Disaster Restoration

Helpful Information

  • Fabricare Tips
  • Stain Dictionary

Other Sources That Can Be Shared As Posts

  • Fashion Features
  • Runway Photos From Award Shows/Premieres
  • Articles/Features on Wedding


  • Holiday Greetings
  • Seasonal Reminders (clothing storage)
  • New Equipment/Locations

Hashtag Options

Each post should have about 5 hashtags to help with exposure and searches.  Here’s a broad list from which we can pull for our posts.

#DavisImperialCleaners #Fabricare #ChicagoTopCleaner #ChicagoCleaners #GarmentCare #EvanstonCleaners #GamentRestoration

#Weddings #WeddingGown #WeddingDressStorage #WeddingDress #Bridal #Honeymoon #WeddingBouquet #WeddingFlowers #Flowers #Bouquets #WeddingPlanning #WeddingInspiration #WeddingIdeas #WeddingDetails #Marriage #Couples #Engaged #RecentlyEngaged

#WinterCoatStorage #StainSpecialists #OnlineCleaners #PickUpAndDeliveryCleaners

Davis Imperial Specific Social Media Posts

I would consider averaging about 2 posts per week using a combination of the topics listed above.  I would do 1 Davis Imperial specific post, like mentioning an area of specialization, a service, or a fabricare tip.  And, then I’d do 1 more general post that would be a shared post of an article from another source, like a fashion publication or wedding publication.

These are some of the Davis Imperial specific ads I’ve done and shared with you in the past…each would have a description and hashtags above the actual image.

Posts For Outside Information

Here are three quick examples of posts that we could share that would connect well with the Davis Imperial audience.  These are from Harper’s Bazaar, Modern Luxury, and Curbed.

Building An Audience

In order to build an audience we have to be proactive at “liking” and “following” other sites/individuals who will, in tern, connect back with us.  I started an Instagram account when we were building the Down Coat campaign and here’s a sampling of the 32 other accounts I started following so that we could hopefully get some return exposure.  These are folks in the fashion and wedding world for the most part.  There was only one post on the Davis Imperial page, so we haven’t really built much of an audience yet. But, with an ongoing series of posts and continuing to follow/like others, our audience will build.

Moving Forward

How I would approach this would be to select 2-3 items per week to post.  Then, I could share those with you at the start of the week for approval (possibly every Monday morning).  Once approved, I could post one possibly on a Wednesday and a second one on a Friday or Saturday.  If any time sensitive news item happens to come out, then we could add that in as well.

Posts Versus Ads

Initially, I would just do “no cost” posts on Instagram and Facebook (and possibly twitter).  If we have key topics we want to promote, like the down coat campaign, then we can convert those posts into paid ads as well.  Maybe we could do 2-3 per quarter depending on which topics may be important to post at the time.